My full name is Eugene Jules Hubert KERCKHOFFS 

I am a Dutch citizen and I studied, worked, and currently reside in The Netherlands. Since October 2004 retired, I have been an associate professor at Delft University of Technology (Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics, and Electrical Engineering). In addition, I have been for many years a part-time professor at the University of Ghent (Belgium), where I was a chairholder of a special Chair in Simulation Sciences. I taught courses on "Modelling & Simulation", "Parallel Processing & Supercomputing", and "Artificial Intelligence & Neural Computing". My scientific research has been in the same fields of interest. My research findings have been published in numerous journal articles, conference papers, and scientific reports. During my whole professional life and many years after (on a voluntary basis), I was heavily involved in the organization of international European Conferences on Computer Simulation. I also had founding and chairing positions in international Simulation Societies. 

Based on my strong, but not scientifically founded, conviction that our physical/biological reality, and all possible realities beyond, are nothing but expressions of eternal (timeless) Consciousness, I developed my own personal pataphysical "philosophy of non-materialistic Consciousness". These philosophical activities could be considered my "second life"; they have little to do with my above scientific work.

This website presents my professional and spiritual activities. You may find my CV, scientific publications, and notes of my personal spiritual and philosophical insights as well. As to the latter, the emphasis is on "A  pataphysical view on origin and existence of our physical world" and related "Synchronicities (meaningful coincidences)".