It is astonishing that a single accidental event might fully change one's manner of (philosophical) thinking. This happened to me on the 22nd of October 2002, one day before the start of ESS2002 (the European Simulation Symposium 2022  in Dresden, Germany), organized by the precursor of what currently is the ECMS (European Council for Modelling and Simulation).  On that day I met  Martina-Maria Seidel, the brand new assistant of the Council's Office who became a few years later, until today, the managing director of the Office. During the "get-together party" of the conference and the conference dinner we had several discussions; discussions which became gradually deeper and deeper in the spiritual sense. Attending a Simulation(!) Conference, I told her my then-existing idea that the world and our lives are nothing but a "simulation". As a result of our exchange of thoughts, I became more and more interested in the notion of "Consciousness", and more particularly "non-materialistic Consciousness" and "infinite Consciousness". From then on, I developed my very personal philosophy of "all is nothing than Consciousness"; in fact, a pataphysical philosophy. 

Nowadays, I consider the date of the 22nd of October 2002 as the very origin of the development of my pataphysical philosophy of non-materialistic Consciousness. Much later I discovered that a mainline of my theory, namely that the conscious All consists of a spiritual "divergent" Emanation Process and a "convergent" Process of Consciousness (up to infinite Consciousness), was already incorporated in the above-mentioned meeting (far before the development of my philosophy) in the form of really unbelievable synchronicities. I decided to report these synchronicities in a paper, which can be consulted and read HERE (title: Experienced synchronicities related to a personal philosophy of non-materialistic Consciousness).  

The ideas and results in this paper have actually been the prestudy of my major work described in the essay linked to the next page of this website. The title of the essay is "A pataphysical view on origin and existence of our physical world". An important section of the essay is devoted to a summary of the experienced synchronicities.